• 21.12.2022

    NWS and CTFE announced that Goshawk Aviation Limited has completed the sale of its business aircraft leasing platform, excluding any aircraft leased to Russian airlines to SMBC Aviation Capital. Goshawk will receive a cash consideration of approximately US$1.6 billion.

  • 16.05.2022

    NWS and CTFE announced that SMBC Aviation Capital has agreed to acquire substantially all of the commercial aircraft leasing business of Goshawk Aviation Limited, in which each holds 50% of shares, at an enterprise value of approximately US$6.7 billion.

  • 16.05.2022

    NWS announced the acquisition of 100% interest in a portfolio of six premium logistics properties in Chengdu and Wuhan from Goodman Group for a total consideration of RMB2.29 billion (approximately HK$2.66 billion). NWS will also partner with Goodman Group to jointly manage the portfolio and to explore further collaboration opportunities in the Mainland.

  • 26.04.2022

    The Group announced the acquisition of 40% interest in Guigang-Wuzhou Expressway from Logan Transport Group Co., Ltd, for a total consideration of approximately RMB1.9 billion (approximately HK$2.3 billion).