Investing in Talent

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Unleashing staff’s potential

We put utmost concern on individuals’ strengths and highly encourage our staff to progress. Department heads and supervisors act as mentors to their subordinates to unleash their potential. Training, such as workshops, courses, seminars and external visits are widely available and are tailored to the specific needs of individuals in a bid to promote professional development and enhance various skills.

The NWS Awards Presentation Ceremony The NWS Awards Presentation Ceremony The NWS Awards Presentation Ceremony

Rewards and recognition

The NWS Awards Presentation Ceremony is also held annually and aims at delivering the recognition to individual staff members and teams with outstanding contribution.

Nurturing Team Spirit

NWS Corporate Outing War Game NWS Team Buidling NWS staff with family

Enhancing communication across departments

To encourage team problem-solving skills and enhance communication across departments, the Corporate Team-building Programme has been organized regularly. Our bi-annual NWS Adventure Day is another well-anticipated Group-wide event which extends an invitation to staff and their family members to enhance their sense of belonging and promote a healthy work-life balance.

NWS staff with family NWS Corporate Outing Event NWS Family Visit Day NWS Corporate Christmas Party NWS Corporate Christmas Party NWS Corporate Family gathering

Improve the rapport

Other activities including NWS Corporate Outing, Christmas Luncheon and Staff & Family Movie Day are also held to improve the rapport among staff of all levels.

Creating a Great Workplace

Healthy snacks and fruits to promote a healthy diet

Giving strong support to staff members

We place great emphasis on giving support to our staff and maintaining effective communication with them. At NWS, we provide our staff with healthy snacks and fruits to promote a healthy diet.

Gathering with Executive Directors Gathering with Executive Directors

Caring for employees' well-being

A caring room is available which gives privacy to breast-feeding mothers. Internal newsletter is readily available for providing up-to-date activities and development plans across the Group. Staff members are encouraged to share feedback and suggestions on company policies through different channels such as the Executive Luncheon and Employee Satisfaction Survey. Their comments are our key to improve and make the workplace a better place.

Striking the Right Balance

Nurturing a caring culture

We treat our staff as our family and thus, we are ardent to provide them with a healthy work-life balance. Full-paid maternity and paternity leaves, along with birthday, marriage, examination and bereavement leaves are available as appropriate. Leisure activities such as yoga, hiking, soccer and badminton, as well as parent-child activities like art jamming and baking classes are provided for our staff which enables them to stretch out, relax and enjoy some precious family times. To extend our care to the families of staff, employees’ children can earn scholarships through academic and other achievements.

Parent-child activities
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Bowling Game
Bubble Ball Game
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