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Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 659) is a conglomerate with a diversified portfolio of market-leading businesses, predominantly in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The Group’s businesses include toll roads, insurance, logistics, construction and facilities management. Through the Group’s sustainable business model, it is committed to creating more value for all stakeholders and the community.


As one of the major toll road operators in the Mainland, NWS’s toll road portfolio consists of 15 roads in seven strategic regions, covering approximately 900 km in length. 

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At NWS Holdings, we believe in building lasting values for both our business and for the communities in which we operate. Sustainability is a key element that enable us to be in a position to create shared value and provide long-term benefits for our stakeholders and the society. We recognise the importance of sustainability and is committed to applying sustainability principles across all aspects of our business from strategic planning and investment to our operations. We are confident that our operations and work with the community will deliver sustainable business growth.
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EXP is the building blocks of EXPloration. EXPerience. EXPerimentation. That is what NWS’s signature CSV (Creating Shared Value) program EXP Journey is all about.

Beyond what books can teach and the four walls of a classroom, the EXP Journey brings students into the school of life. Leveraging New World Group’s ecosystem, the program offers a variety of career experiences for participants to connect with something new, find new sides of themselves and even discover their own calling. Keep EXPloring, EXPeriencing, EXPerimenting with us on this wonderful journey to your dream career.

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