• 01.12.1997

    Shenzhen-Huizhou Roadway (Huizhou Section) commenced operation.

  • 01.11.1997

    Acquired 50% interest in Sino-French Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited (Its key projects included Macau Power and Macao Water Plant).

  • 02.10.1997

    JV contracts for Tangjin Expressway (Tianjin North Section) and Sichuan Qianwei Dali Power Plant were signed.

  • 01.10.1997

    Phase I of Rongxian Roadways commenced operation.

  • 02.09.1997

    JV contracts for Rongxian Roadways, and Roadway No. 1906 (Qingcheng Section) were signed.

  • 01.09.1997

    Shuangjin Roadway (Gaoyao Section) commenced operation.

  • 02.08.1997

    JV contracts for Roadway No. 1959 (Qingxin Section), Shuangjin Roadway (Gaoyao Section), Beiliu City Roadways and Cangwu County Roadway were signed.

  • 01.08.1997

    Phase I of Yulin Shinan to Dajiangkou and Phase I of Beiliu City Roadways Roadway commenced operation.

  • 01.06.1997

    New World Services Limited amalgamated and restructured all service-related businesses of New World Development Company Limited, including Hip Hing Construction Company Limited, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited, Young's Engineering Company Limited, Tridant Engineering Company Limited, Urban Property Management Limited and General Security (HK) Limited.

  • 03.05.1997

    JV contracts for Yulin to Shinan Roadway, Yulin Shinan to Dajiangkou Roadway, and Yulin Shinan to Guigang Roadway were signed.

  • 02.05.1997

    Zhujiang Power Station Phase II (Unit 2) commenced operation.

  • 01.05.1997

    Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway (Guangzhou-Zhuhai Section) Phase I Section I commenced operation.

  • 01.04.1997

    Xiamen Xiang Yu Quay Co., Ltd. commenced operation.

  • 01.04.1997

    New World Services Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Islands to manage the service subsidiaries of New World Development Company Limited.

  • 01.03.1997

    Phase I of Roadway No. 321 (Wuzhou Section) commenced operation.

  • 01.02.1997

    United Asia Terminals (Yantian) Limited commenced operation.

  • 02.01.1997

    A contract for CSX Orient (Tianjin) Container Terminals Co., Limited was signed.

  • 01.01.1997

    A contract for United Asia Terminals (Yantian) Limited was signed.

  • 01.01.1997

    JV contracts for Shunde De Sheng Power Plant and Roadway No. 321 (Wuzhou Section) were signed.