NWSH Award Presentation Ceremony 2006

NWSH Award Presentation Ceremony 2006

(3 April 2006, Hong Kong) To recognize the achievements of outstanding employees in pursuit of excellence, NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or the “Group”, Hong Kong stock code: 0659) organized NWSH Outstanding Employee Grand Award (the “Award”) for the third consecutive year. Award results were announced by the Group management in the NWSH Award Presentation Ceremony 2006 today.

NWS Holdings has a staff of 43,000 in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau. More than 60 staff members from 10 companies were nominated for the Award this year. The Group treasures talents in various regions and positions. Hence, the Outstanding Employee Grand Award opens to managerial, office and frontline staff from Hong Kong/Macau region as well as Mainland China region.

Employees were selected based on their outstanding performance, drive and enthusiasm in job, job quality, management skill and customer service skills. With remarkable contribution to the Group, 19 staff members garnered the Outstanding Employee Grand Award after passing through internal selection of member companies and two panel interviews conducted by the Group management.

Dr Henry Cheng, Chairman of NWS Holdings, officiated at the ceremony. Dr Cheng said, “The Outstanding Employee Grand Award is established to promote service excellence and to bolster management belief in human capital. The Group takes this opportunity to recognize outstanding employees and to foster mutual learning among member companies. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the winners and our staff should continue to deliver excellent service to customers.”

Since 2003, the Outstanding Employee Grand Award has become an annual event of the Group. More than 300 people, including the management of the Group and member companies, awardees and their family members, attended the Award Presentation Ceremony.

The NWSH Sports Yearly Grand Award 2005 and volunteer awards were also presented in the ceremony. Best Use of Business Expertise awards and Most Innovative Service awards were presented to member companies in appreciation of their efforts in the NWSH Caring Day 2006, which was held earlier in mid-January. Corporate Volunteer Award was presented to appreciate member company’s effort in deploying caring culture to the community.

Moreover, with the aims to boost team spirit and promote excellent services, the NWSH Corporate Song music video was launched on the ceremony.

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This press release is also available on the Group’s website ( www.nws.com.hk).

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