NWS Holdings garnered HKIHRM/SCMP People Management Awards 2007

<br/>                NWS Holdings garnered HKIHRM/SCMP People Management Awards 2007 <br/>

(17 December 2007, Hong Kong) In recognition of its outstanding people management initiatives and strategies, NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or the “Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 0659) was presented the “HKIHRM/SCMP People Management Awards 2007 – Second Runner-up (Large Enterprise)” by The Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (“HKIHRM”) and South China Morning Post (“SCMP”) on 13 December 2007.

With 42,000strong workforce across Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau, NWS Holdings’ strong faith in people management and its coherent approach of organizing the NWS Outstanding Employee Grand Awards impressed the panel of judges. It is commented that the idea of the employee award cascading down to individual companies to allow them to present their unique contribution and enable to build a culture of appreciation, which is very important for today’s community.

NWS Holdings believes that high productivity is the result of good morale and strategic talent integration. For years, the human resources team demonstrates excellence in maximizing human capital, and implements various human resources policies which are in line with the Group's expanding businesses, hence building an outstanding employer brand. The NWS Outstanding Employee Grand Awards has been implemented since 2003, which opens to managerial, office and frontline staff from Hong Kong/Macau and Mainland China. Employees are selected based on their contribution to their respective company, drive and enthusiasm in job, job quality, management skill and customer service skills, etc. All candidates have to pass through the internal selection of their respective company and two panel interviews conducted by the Group management thereafter.

Dr Cheng Kar Shun, Henry, Chairman of NWS Holdings, said, “The Group is honoured to receive the People Management Awards 2007. We value our people as the key to sustained growth and success of NWS Holdings. We will continue to promote people management practices and ensure that our people are proud of being part of our success.”

The HKIHRM/SCMP People Management Awards is jointly organized by HKIHRM and SCMP, which aims to recognize organizations that have achieved business success through a coherent and strategic approach to managing people. The judges look for six key people management criteria, including business outcome focus, strategic thinking, communicating and influencing, customer and stakeholder focus, application of professional HR knowledge and ethical behaviour.

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This press release is also available on the Group’s website ( www.nws.com.hk) .

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