YWCA NWS Y-Care Centre launches Coach Pick-up Services


NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or “the Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 659) and Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (“YWCA”) jointly launched YWCA NWS Y-Care Centre (North District) (“NWS Y-Care Centre”) in December last year and debuted a new service coach yesterday as part of the continuous efforts to improve elderly care services. The new service coach will enable elderly with low mobility and those residing in remote villages to benefit from the integrated rehabilitation and day care services at the NWS Y-Care Centre.

NWS Y-Care Centre is located in North District that has more than 110 villages. Due to the limitations of public transportation, senior citizens living in remote areas and those with physical difficulties often have limited access to the social services they need. The newly launched service coach will bridge the gap by providing pick-up services enabled by its built-in wheelchair lifts and space for three wheelchairs.

At the launch ceremony, Tommy Cheung, Executive Director of NWS Holdings, said, “The Group is committed to supporting underprivileged groups in the community. To address North District senior citizens’ needs in day care services, the Group’s Charities Foundation donated HK$3 million to YWCA to set up NWS Y-Care Centre, alongside today’s new service coach and the ‘Joyful Age’ volunteer programme, we hope to promote the physical and mental health of the elderly in North District.”

Yvonne Yeung, Chief Executive of YWCA, thanked NWS Holdings for its contribution to addressing community needs. “We believe the new service coach will meet the demands in North District, integrating more senior citizens living in remote villages into the community, helping them lead a well-rounded and joyful life.”

In addition to funding the set-up of NWS Y-Care Centre, NWS Holdings introduced a three-year volunteer programme, “Joyful Age,” with the Group’s volunteers making use of the support and resources from NWS Y-Care Centre to better serve senior citizens. Now in its second year, the programme incorporates a new volunteer activity, “Laughing Yoga,” and held its first workshop yesterday. More than 60 participants including senior citizens from Sha Tau Kok and the Group’s volunteers attended the workshop, which is designed to promote positive thinking and mental wellness. The volunteers then travelled to Sha Tau Kok aboard the new service coach to visit senior citizens and join a guided tour led by elderly residents to learn about Sha Tau Kok’s history and cultural heritage.

NWS Y-Care Centre is a milestone of the decade-long volunteer services partnership between NWS Holdings and YWCA. Located in Yung Shing Shopping Centre, Fanling, the 3,500-square-feet centre is managed and operated by YWCA under a social enterprise model and is furnished with facilities that include a life skill training room, a physiotherapy room, a computer room as well as nostalgic corridor and tea corner. Under the service philosophy of “All-round Healthy Life”, the centre provides a diverse range of services from day care to rehabilitation therapy, cognitive training, reminiscence therapy and care-taker training.


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This press release is also available on the Group’s website ( www.nws.com.hk).

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