NWS Holdings and 10 member companies awarded Caring Company Logo

NWS Holdings and 10 member companies awarded Caring Company Logo

(10 May 2016, Hong Kong) NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or the “Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 659) and 10 member companies have been awarded the Caring Company Logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service this year (refer to list below). The Logo recognizes the Group’s commitment to corporate citizenship and concerted effort in caring for the community it serves. To mark the 15th anniversary of the Group’s corporate volunteer team NWS Volunteer Alliance and the 10th anniversary of NWS Holdings Charities Foundation, a series of ventures have been launched, including a new volunteer management system and a video to promote caring.

The Group’s General Manager of Corporate Communication Sheila Tang said mobilizing corporate resources and motivating employees to get involved are instrumental in implementing corporate social responsibility strategy. “Over the years, the NWS Volunteer Alliance has participated in a huge range of community activities, establishing a solid support network that has delivered real benefit to the underprivileged. Since 2001, our volunteers have contributed more than 140,000 hours of social service.” At the same time, the Group’s Charities Foundation has contributed over HK$18 million in support of projects spanning community welfare, environmental protection, education and health care.

Earlier this year the Group has launched a new database and volunteer management system to manage its large and expanding volunteer force. Corporate volunteers can log in anywhere and anytime to enroll in volunteer activities and specify their particular skills and areas of interest, enabling tailor-made and effective deployment of volunteers.

The Group has produced a short video featuring its staff and charitable organisation partners in the hope of inspiring others to help care in the community. The video tells the story of how the Group empowers staff from its different businesses to share the spirit of caring. The public are encouraged to do the same, making a small and simple effort to bring people warmth and smiles. The thematic elements of the video will be built into the Group’s community programmes in the coming year.

The video is available on the Group’s Facebook fan page ‘NWS Lifestyle’ and official YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/c/nwsholdingslimited).

Organisations receiving 10 Years Plus Caring Company Logo

•NWS Holdings Limited

•Hip Hing Construction Company Limited

•New World First Bus Services Limited

•Citybus Limited

•New World First Ferry Services Limited

•Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited

•Free Duty (Sky Connection Limited)

•Urban Parking Limited

Organisations receiving 5 Years Plus Caring Company Logo

•Anway Limited

•Vibro (H.K.) Limited

•Vibro Construction Limited


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This press release is also available on the Group’s website ( www.nws.com.hk).

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NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings”, Hong Kong stock code: 659), the infrastructure and service flagship of New World Development Company Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 17), operates businesses in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau. Its Infrastructure portfolio includes Roads, Energy, Water and Ports & Logistics projects. Its Services portfolio comprises Facilities Management (the management of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Free Duty), Construction & Transport (construction, bus and ferry services) and Strategic Investments.

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