Senior Students from 70 Secondary Schools begin Geoconservation Journey

Senior Students from 70 Secondary Schools begin Geoconservation Journey

(16 July 2017, Hong Kong)The Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Training Programme 2017-18 co-organised by NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or “the Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 659) and the Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, yesterday started a new cohort. Two hundred and forty students from 70 schools will enjoy diverse, year-round training, including geoconservation classroom training and field trips this summer. Outstanding students will be offered additional training, such as leadership workshop and overseas field trip. “Geology and Culture” will be the theme of this year’s training, to highlight the interplay between Hong Kong’s geology, geographical environment, and history and culture, and to promote the importance of environmental protection and cultural conservation.

Over 1,100 senior form students from 200 secondary schools have received training from the Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Training Programme since its inception in 2011, clocking up over 30,000 training hours between them. About 400 graduating and incoming Young Ambassadors, as well as secondary school principals and teachers, attended the annual graduation and orientation ceremony held yesterday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

At the ceremony, Rufin Mak, Executive Director of NWS Holdings, said the company was committed to sustainability, and the Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Training Programme reflected the importance with which the company and its partners regarded education and the environment.

“The Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Training Programme is the only large-scale geological education programme dedicated to senior secondary school students in Hong Kong,” said Mr Mak. “Through this integrated, year-round training programme, which also covers social development topics and whole-person development activities, we have garnered steadfast support from schools over the years. We will continue to invest our resources in nurturing future leaders for Hong Kong.”

Patrick Lai, Assistant Director (Country and Marine Parks) of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (“AFCD”), said, “The Young Ambassadors for Geoconservation Training Programme is a very meaningful activity. Apart from promoting the message of geoconservation, it also enhances interest and knowledge in geoconservation among youngsters in Hong Kong. The AFCD has been supporting and promoting geoconservation, and will continue to work with different stakeholders to carry out science-popularization activities.”

Cindy Choi, Chairman of the Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, said, “Different geological landforms give rise to varying cultures, including settlements, architecture, rituals, festivals, and fungshui woodland. Geoconservation and cultural conservation are closely intertwined. Through this year’s thematic training, our young ambassadors will understand that geology and culture are close as lips and teeth and, subsequently, act on cherishing both.”

A team from St. Stephen's Girls’ College in the 2016-17 intake won the Gold Award and the Most Active Participation Award for their outstanding campus promotion project and active participation over the past year. At the ceremony, this award-winning team performed a Cantopop song with lyrics rewritten to promote conservation. In addition, “Young Geo-guide Awards” were presented to eight individuals for their outstanding performance in leading guided public tours.

Recruitment for the new intake started in last April, and this year applicants could apply through an online platform to reduce the use of paper. NWS Holdings Charities Foundation is making a donation of HK$100 for every application received online to encourage higher usage. A total of HK$8,200 will be donated to the Association for the Ecological and Cultural Conservation of Aquilaria Sinensis, in support of its efforts to protect the incense tree (aquilaria sinensis).

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