A fine end of the Art for More programme

A fine end of the Art for More programme

(27 November 2007, Hong Kong) Co-organized by NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or the “Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 0659) and TWGHs Fong Shu Chuen Day Activity Centre cum Hostel, the closing ceremony cum exhibition of the one-year long Life Rejuvenation Scheme 2007 ── Art for More programme was held on 24 November 2007 at New World Centre, which marked both a fine end to the programme as well as the opening of the one-week long exhibition.

Mr Patrick Lam, Executive Director of NWS Holdings, said at the ceremony, “NWS Holdings endeavours to uphold corporate social responsibility. We are glad to have TWGHs Fong Shu Chuen Day Activity Centre cum Hostel as our partner for Life Rejuvenation Scheme 2007 to launch the Art for More programme. Volunteers of NWS Volunteer Alliance help develop beneficiaries’ creativity through art workshops. Our volunteers devoted over 800 service hours for the programme over the past year. I am proud of their dedication to the programme.” Mr Lam and his family member participated in various activities of Art for More during the past year, which evidenced the Group’s determination and enthusiasm in serving the community

In addition, several volunteers were invited to share with the audience their feeling participating in the programme, and also some memorable moments when they visited the bus depot with beneficiaries. Volunteers and beneficiaries joined hand to give a wonderful dance performance, which received warm applause from the audience.

After the ceremony, the guests, volunteers and beneficiaries visited the exhibition held at East Wing of New World Centre. The exhibition is an ensemble of artworks did by volunteers and beneficiaries over the year. The exhibition is open from 24 November to 1 December 2007. The public is invited to visit the exhibition to share the achievements of the programme.

Life Rejuvenation Scheme 2007 ── Art for More
Since 2003, NWS Volunteer Alliance, the corporate volunteer team of NWS Holdings, has partnered with non-profit organizations to organize the Life Rejuvenation Scheme on a yearly basis. In 2007, NWS Volunteer Alliance launched Life Rejuvenation Scheme 2007 ── Art for More in conjunction with TWGHs Fong Shu Chuen Day Activity Centre cum Hostel. The Art for More programme comprises games and art workshops for some 40 mentally handicapped beneficiaries, which aims to develop beneficiaries’ potential, skills and creativity, and to enhance their self-confidence. In addition, volunteers also took the beneficiaries on a visit to the bus depot of New World First Bus, which broadened their horizons.

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