NWS Holdings launches Career Navigator For Youth programme

NWS Holdings launches Career Navigator For Youth programme

(19 February 2017, Hong Kong) NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or “the Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 659) announces a long-term project with 10 secondary schools and a host of non-profit organizations to give young people support and inspiration as they consider their future career path. Initially targeting about 400 young people and 100 teachers in Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing District in the first four years, the NWS Career Navigator For Youth programme offers a spectrum of life-planning support to help students and young people in the area to improve their life skills and career prospects. The programme kicked off at the Group’s annual NWS Caring Day 2017 yesterday, a full-day event involving more than 300 young people and corporate volunteers participating in activities that gave a taste of different industries at the workplace of the Group’s member companies and non-profit organizations.

Stanley Hui, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NWS Holdings, spoke at the ceremony, “With our roots across a range of Hong Kong business sectors, including public transport, construction, facilities management and duty free, we are ideally placed to help the next generation of young workers discover and prepare for further study or a career that suits them.” He said, “In cooperation with our non-profit organization partners, we are delighted to be able to help young people understand the breadth of opportunity available to them, and give them some of the skills they need to achieve their goals.”

NWS Career Navigator For Youth is organized by NWS Holdings in collaboration with Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, Po Leung Kuk and the Hong Kong Playground Association, while the Hong Kong Council of Social Service serves as a consultant and is commissioned to conduct a comprehensive social impact assessment of the programme.

Over a three-year course, a selected group of young people in Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsang District will experience career planning workshops, corporate visits, mentors’ guidance, career talks, mock interviews and career counseling, to help them enhance their employability. Outstanding participants will have an opportunity to shadow different types of jobs in the Group. The programme also supports teachers with responsibility for careers guidance in the 10 participating schools. Workshops and workplace visits for teachers will help them provide more practical training and advice to their students.

Stanley Hui said, “NWS Career Navigator For Youth embodies the spirit of cross-sector collaboration among the business sector, the community and schools. The Group’s resources and network complement our non-profit organization partners’ experience in youth services, providing substantial assistance to young people in need of a boost.”

Principal Cheung Yam Lung, the chairperson of the Association of Heads of Secondary Schools of Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung & Tsing Yi District, said, “At school, students’ exposure to different career options is limited, and teachers are, understandably, focused on their teaching, so have little chance to share with students work skills and experience. We are therefore grateful to NWS Holdings for initiating this project, and for giving our students invaluable experiences that will be pivotal in their life planning.”

At the ceremony, the Group mobilized over 100 corporate volunteers, together with its non-profit organization partners, to create a unique career exploration experience for the youth. Participants and volunteers teamed up and visited 17 workplaces in 12 different industries; where they learned about the range of jobs and the importance of industrial safety with the Group’s construction companies, as well as role-played as frontline salespersons in a mock-up retail store.


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