• 01.12.1998

    Roadway No.321 (Wuzhou Section) Phase II and Tianjin Yonghe Bridge commenced operation.

  • 01.12.1998

    A contract for Asia Container Terminals Limited was signed.

  • 01.11.1998

    Roadway No. 1959 (Qingxin Section) commenced operation.

  • 02.10.1998

    Expanded into the curtain wall business by forming a new joint venture company, Lucking (Asia) Engineering Company Limited.

  • 01.10.1998

    The First NWS Strategic Management Conference was held in Shunde.

  • 01.07.1998

    JV contracts for Tianjin Yonghe Bridge, Roadway No. 321 (Gaoyao Section) and Roadway No. 1962 (Gaoyao Section) were signed.

  • 01.06.1998

    JV contracts for Taiyuan to Changzhi Roadway(Changzhi Section) and Roadway No.309 (Changzhi Section) were signed.

  • 02.05.1998

    A JV contract for Roadway No. 1958 (Deqing Section) was signed.

  • 01.05.1998

    Phase II of Rongxian Roadways, Yulin to Shinan Roadway and Phase II of Beiliu City Roadways commenced operation.

  • 01.04.1998

    Roadway No.1962 (Guangning Section), Zhongshan Dafeng Water Plant and Zhongshan Quanlu Water Plant commenced operation.

  • 02.03.1998

    JV contracts for Shanxi Taiyuan to Gujiao Roadway (Taiyuan Section), and Shanxi Taiyuan to Gujiao Roadway (Gujiao Section) were signed.

  • 01.03.1998

    The last unit of Sichuan Qianwei Dali Power Plant commenced operation.

  • 01.03.1998

    Formed New World First Bus Services Limited with the franchise of 88 island routes, and commenced operation on 1 September 1998.

  • 03.01.1998

    A contract for Xiamen Xinyuan Container Terminal Co., Ltd. was signed.

  • 02.01.1998

    Xiamen New World Xiangyu Warehouse & Processing Zone Limited commenced operation.

  • 02.01.1998

    JV contracts for Zhongshan Dafeng Water Plant and Zhongshan Quanlu Water were signed.

  • 01.01.1998

    Roadway No.1969 (Gaoyao Section) commenced operation.

  • 01.01.1998

    Suzhou Huisu International Container Freight Wharfs Co., Ltd. commenced trucking operation.